The purpose of the Peace Movie Award is, namely, to describe peace by means of a movie spot (30 seconds max. length).

Videos capture emotions, stories, and aspirations, transmit them with evocative strength, and are able to inspire and move our consciousness.

Innovation in technology has reduced the level of production and post-production costs; and the net now offers free, limitless global streaming; which can be a real service to creative souls.

Since it requires a creative process and collective project management – and fosters the collaboration between different talents and different individuals – the conception and realization of a video is an ideal instrument for promoting team building among students.


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Peace needs our voice

Official Opening
Thursday 21st September 2017 – 12:00 pm (Rome, local time CEST)

Video Presentation Deadline
31st May 2018 – 11:59 pm (Rome, local time CEST)

Notification to the Winners
30th June 2018

Award Ceremony
21st September 2018

Organized by: Ass. Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run Italia

Participation Is Free